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Are you tired of getting your pride and joy 4 wheel drive and/or caravan scratched every time you go off the beaten track?

Are you tired of getting your new shiny utility or truck scratched by other clumsy workers?

Then PanelProtect™ is the inexpensive answer for you.

PanelProtect™ has been specifically designed to be used as a temporary shield for your vehicle or caravan against accidental damage caused by light contact with tree branches and vines.

The real beauty of PanelProtect™ is that it is a high gloss, transparent film that is virtually undetectable once it has been properly applied to the vehicle or caravan. Any DIY person can apply PanelProtect™ and it will help prevent the scratch damage that inevitably comes from excursions along bush tracks. To learn how to apply PanelProtect™ to your 4WD or caravan, go to the Application page on this website.


By applying PanelProtect™ down the sides of your vehicle or caravan, you can still enjoy all of the passion of venturing into the bush, without the stress of knowing that you are causing hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars of damage to your vehicle.

When you come home from your trip you can simply remove PanelProtect™ from your vehicle and the paint will remain as good as new. PanelProtect™ is designed to be a temporary application (1 to 3 months).

PanelProtect™ by name, panel protection by nature.



PanelProtect™ - Keep the bush off your sides and your missus off your back!